Founded in 2002, Group Mobile provides end-to-end mobile technology solutions to guide mobile projects through their entire lifecycle. Our mobile technology experts bring years of experience and insights to all sectors and vertical industries, including, but not limited to, manufacturing, distribution, oil and gas, public safety, transportation/logistics, and healthcare. The complete turnkey solutions built by Group Mobile include managed services and software offerings curated for each customer. With a broad selection of industry-trusted brands, Group Mobile offers rugged mobile products ideal for its customers' needs.

Group Mobile strives to deliver the best industry-leading solutions to address customers' most pressing obstacles while ensuring return on investment and a healthy long-lasting partnership. We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach with our customers, rather our goal is to provide a customize mobile solution for every engagement. Our solutions streamline your entire mobile workforce to ensure devices are ready to go the moment you open the box. We pride ourselves on carrying lines that are easy to manage in the field, as well as to learn.

A thorough understanding of the key elements required for a successful mobile deployment—hardware, connectivity, data, and customer back-end network infrastructures— we have mastered the true challenges of mobility. By taking that knowledge and applying it to each of our customer's outfits, we help select, deploy, and manage every piece of their mobile environment.

Industry-Leading Solutions


Group Mobile puts every product we carry through an intense vetting process, provide only top-tier brands that have been proven and tested as consistently reliable. Our partners benefit from the following solutions:

  • Rugged mobile hardware
  • In-vehicle and complete system integration
  • Project service support
  • Pre-deployment and post-deployment services
  • Asset management
  • Customer support helpdesk


At Group Mobile, we don't cater to a specific industry but rather to a variety of end-users who can leverage rugged and mobile products. Our customers range from the largest Fortune 500 corporations to Federal, State, and Local governments to an individual consumer in need of something tougher than a plastic, indoor computer. Regardless of your industry, we are here to help.

Here are a few of the industries and organizations that Group Mobile has worked with:

Air Force
Airlines/General Aviation
Auto Dealers and Auto Parts
Chemical Companies
City Government
Coast Guard
Colleges and Universities
Delivery Services

Electric Utilities
Field Sales and Route Sales
Field Service and Support
Fire Departments
Fish and Wildlife
Food and Beverage
Forest Service
Forestry and Conservation
Hospitals and Health Care
Hotels, Casinos and Resorts

Lumber/Paper Companies
Marine Industry
Mining Companies
Natural Gas and Propane
Oil and Gas Companies
Police Force
Property Managers
Real Estate
Trucking Companies
Water Utilities


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