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The Getac Video Solutions System provides law enforcement with complete situational awareness in critical scenarios that officers expect and the community demands. The Getac Video Solution is a highly-scalable and secure video capture and evidence management system supporting flexible implementation scenarios that can be tailored to suit your exact preferences.

In the age of portable computing, we all know how delicate tablets and laptops still are. Out of all the top brands, almost all of these products easily break if dropped or out in inclement weather. This only makes things challenging for those who have jobs in the field and need to rely on this technology to succeed.

You don't have to stick with all the mainstream brands to find durability. Through Getac video solutions, they've made rugged computers for use in tough conditions.

While they make amazingly durable laptops and tablets, their mobile video solutions are the best on the market. When you need video camera technology or capture in your car for a job, their video equipment and cameras have everything you need.

For a law enforcement career, it's worth taking time to look at what Getac offers.

Getac's MVS Kit

One of the highlights in Getac's mobile video solutions is their Veretos MVS Kit that offers video capture and evidence management. As part of a package, you'll have portable equipment you can easily integrate into your vehicle without obstructions.

Each piece of equipment is extremely lightweight as well, so it won't require complex installation.

What makes this package a standout is it's easy to customize to your own preferences. You're able to buy the entire kit, or individual products to suit what's needed in your job.

ZeroDark HD Camera

As an example of their standalone products, Getac's ZeroDark HD camera has some of the most advanced features for low-light recording. It has a sensor that picks up far more detail than competing cameras. With ability to capture detail in as little as 0.03 lux illumination, even complete darkness doesn't overcome its abilities.

Along with amazing clarity in video definition and an 18x zoom lens, your policing job can capture better evidence than ever.

The Getac Body-Worn Camera

With many in law enforcement starting to wear body cameras to capture first-person footage, you want one recording every detail. As part of the Getac package, their body-worn cameras offer a panoramic capture in full HD. Like the camera above, it captures full definition in complete darkness.

It also has built-in Wi-Fi capability so you can send the camera footage you've captured to other officers for situational awareness. They'll view this footage in real-time to avoid delays in critical situations.

Best of all, it's rugged and waterproof when working in rainy climates.

A Powerful DVR and Sharp Video Display

When capturing footage from either camera, all footage goes into a powerful DVR holding up to 80 hours worth of HD footage. This is more than many other security camera DVR's available.

You can live-stream the footage off the DVR for complete monitoring from other locations. With automatic trigger points, the DVR starts recording when you turn on a siren, turn your car lights on, or end up in a crash.

Thanks to 800x480 resolution on a five-inch display, you're able to clearly monitor the footage you're capturing.

Other Video Solutions

If you have experience using Getac products, you know they make excellent mobile video devices. It's worth looking at their handheld devices when you need portable video in certain circumstances. These have a 3.5-inch sunlight readable display for easy use when working outdoors during daylight hours.

Don't overlook Getac's rugged tablets either, providing wide screens for either reviewing video footage, or capturing images.

Along with their notably durable notebooks, watching video or taking video on Getac's devices are made perfectly for those in law enforcement.

Talk to one of our video solution experts to explore how the Getac Video System can help. Call toll-free 1-866-784-4338.